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Live on Saturdays at 10AM PST and you can ask me all of your manifestation questions for FREE!

Only a Few Steps Are Needed

This is all about propelling you forward into the life of your dreams. That’s right; propelling. By following a few simple steps, your life will change in monumental ways beyond what you can imagine. Forget about planning your way to success or having to work long hours or forcing yourself to take massive action. Teaches how to manifest through simple repeatable steps that create improvement beyond explanation. She has three books, several guided meditations, and manifestation courses. 

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An expert and facilitator in helping people create lives of abundance, love, and well-being for over 10 years.


Hi! I am Debra Cummings. An expert and facilitator in helping others create lives of abundance, love, and well-being for over 10 years.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you CAN have the life you desire. 

Most people are unaware of the small, hidden, habits that keep them from prosperity and from having life go their way. These seemingly insignificant habits are a powerful anchor, keeping you from what you want.

With just a slight shift in the way you use your mind, your life can change almost instantly.  

What really launched me into the life of my dreams is simple... it's when I discovered the methods I share in The Art of Manifestation Program. 

The life of your dreams is waiting for you, too. Because if it can happen for me, it can happen to you.

LEARN HOW TO USE that inner voice inside your head to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you.



 Truly working for reprogramming my negative thoughts.

“These workshops are powerful! You have got to listen to these!!! Listen while you cook, listen while you do laundry, while you walk the dog, while you exercise... Just listen! It's SO worth it. And I just want to say another big THANK YOU to Deb for this program. This is truly working for reprogramming my negative thoughts. And when I pause from listening, I notice myself much more spontaneously putting into practice what she teaches and what we talked about in A Simple Path.” – S.S.

Installation of new, beautiful floors... totally unexpected.

“I have been practicing Deb's suggestion of playfully imagining something that would be unaffordable and unexpected, but something that would make me really happy. Every time I vacuumed and cleaned, I saw beautiful hardwood floors in my home. Yesterday the installation of beautiful bamboo floors began. Totally unexpected. Paid for from a fire damage insurance settlement. I will also get refinished cabinets and new ceilings with recessed lights. People and circumstances supported me fully through the process. I have an incredible feeling of being lucky. I even invested a small sum of money in stocks that have appreciated 85% in three months.” – S.V.

me to move in!

“Before the program I wanted to take the next steps and move in with my boyfriend. You have to know he is very traditional and hasn’t lived with anyone in about 10 years. I went on being my loving self, concentrating on the joy and love of the outcome. Without any formal conversation, by the end of the program he VERY ROMANTICALLY asked me to move in! We now live happily together and I am excited for what’s next!” –J.K.


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