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About Deb

Most people have a yearning to make their lives better and I was no different. However, my yearning was more like desperation since early on in my life. I worked until exhaustion to get ahead, doing everything I knew to do and nothing seemed to give me the success I was seeking. Even the many classes and programs I attended didn’t work for me. In fact, they seemed to take me further from my goals rather than helping me to attain them.


My years of failures were dotted with some miraculous successes, however, I didn’t understand what I did to cause the successes when they occurred. It wasn’t until 2016 when I took a leap of faith and quit a very well-paying job that the precise workings of life became very clear.


After quitting my job, desperation hit hard as I was quickly running out of money and about to lose everything I had ever worked for. I had no other choice but to train my mind to think a certain way so I wouldn’t spiral into a hole of fear and anxiety. The results were nothing short of miraculous. Not only did I get through the coming months in joy and ease, but I also ended up receiving more than I ever thought possible.


Once I realized what I had done to create my new life, I knew how my method worked and that it was repeatable and could be used for anyone and any situation. I had discovered a treasure, a road map to a fulfilling, prosperous and contented life.



Years ago, when I visualized the romantic partner I wanted to have in my life, I not only married the man I visualized, I ended up owning the property where I imagined him to be.



Years ago, when I was short on money and I was afraid, and I surrendered to the Universe, unexpectedly, I ended up being paid an enormous sum for my role as an executor of someone’s estate.

When I stood in the back of my orchard in a state of profound gratitude for the ranch we lived on but didn’t own. It was within just a few days, that I received enough money to purchase the property.



After a year of not being able to walk normally, my leg reattached to the hip socket, without medical treatment or treatment of any kind.


When I was in excruciating back pain and I spontaneously went into a state of gratitude and the pain ceased in an instant.

When my parathyroid tumor disappeared after being diagnosed by two doctors and a parathyroid specialty center, and my endocrinologist said the ONLY way to get rid of a parathyroid tumor is through surgery - yet it disappeared all on its own.



Who is to say what’s possible or not? Are you going to allow what you see around you to dictate what’s real and what’s not real?


Let go of the limiting beliefs that hold you in place.


You can do this too. I’m not special. I just believe it’s possible. I’ve experienced it over and over and have figured out the steps that has life working in my favor.

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