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Simple Path Card Deck

This card deck is perfect for when you are having a difficult day, you’re worried about something, you are feeling stuck, or when you want to increase your inspiration to motivate you. You can choose a card from the deck to help guide you to greater understanding OR to shift your focus.
It’s a beautiful 54 card, physical deck to help you ongoing! It allows you to stay focused on the simple, accurate information that takes you from
where you are now to a life you will love living.

The Slippery Snail

Inspired by my grandchildren, this sweet book was written with great joy. 

Reading to Landon and Lexi is one of my greatest pleasures. This is a simple tale of a slippery snail and his best bunny pal on a joyful adventure! 

I pass it on to you to share with you and the little ones you love.

I hope you enjoy!


A Simple Path

We come from many different walks of life. Our journeys, beliefs,and attitudes may be vastly different, and there are countless factorsthat determine how a person views the world.


But one thing we all havein common is the desire to improve our lives. No matter what yourstation in life, you have the need to make things better, to besuccessful, to be happy, and to be at peace with your life. In A SimplePath to a Miraculous Life, author Debra Cummings focuses on propelling you forward into a life of your dreams.


Forget the small, incremental steps, she talks about huge andtransformational change. She shares that it isn't about meekly writingyour goals and sitting idly by, hoping for a miracle. It's aboutstepping into your power and becoming a match for your dreams. A Simple Path to a Miraculous Life offers information and several methods to help you gain a new perspective.


Debra teaches you the steps thatled her out of the deep, dark hole of her life and into a life ofpossibilities, opportunities, and even miracles. A life that is nowfilled with happiness, inner comfort, and ease that flows with thenatural rhythm of life.


Love Through Amber Eyes
A Story of Profound Love and Loss

About the Book & Author


This book is for anyone who has ever loved a dog. For anyone who truly knows that there is no greater love on this earthly plane than the love a dog radiates. Each dog in this story has been an exceptional teacher and mentor for how to live life fully and to simply Be.

I am deeply grateful for the unconditional love, direction, and handholding provided by my beloved four-legged companions. Without them, I would have fallen further, failed without hope, and I would not have seen how brightly the Light shines. This book is a heartfelt tribute to my beloved Clyde, a 220-pound Spanish Mastiff who has forever changed my life.

Debra’s interests include animals, farming, nature, technology, shoes, and a deep desire for a kinder, more gentle way of life for people and animals. She lives in California with her husband, three dogs, three cats, and 15 sheep. She loves spending time with her daughter and grandchildren.

"Oh Debra, I'm still crying! What a beautiful book. I laughed, cried and I could feel your pain. Thank you for having the courage to put your feelings and emotions on paper. I really feel honored to have read your book. Thank you. It's a book I will buy and read again."

Pamela C.

"Have you ever loved a dog with every fiber of your being? Debra Cummings fills her pages with heart felt emotions of a love story between her and the furry family members. From puppy stage to their passing, you will relate to her love and loss. Having lost three dogs in a matter of months made this read crucial to my healing process.

Debra is someone who actually understands the depth of the paw prints embedded on our hearts. Prepare to laugh and cry as you curl up, hopefully with your furry friend, to enjoy this heartfelt read, “Love Through Amber Eyes.”


"Thank you for the privilege and honor of this book. This manuscript described all of the feelings that I had inside. Reading this helped me to smile, chuckle, and remember the wonderful days that I had with my dogs. Looking at the pictures helped me to finally “feel“ again. I needed the release. Thank you for sharing this story. Our dogs are “angels “ from heaven."

Tabatha Z.


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