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The Art of



The podcast can help you attain what you really want out of life and in addition, your questions will inspire others to get what they want.

If you have a strong heartfelt wish to have your life be different, it means you are already wired to attain it. Let me show you the simple steps to take. 

All you have to do is fill out the form below or call 657-202-0177 to leave a voice memo for me and let me know your questions and/or challenges.


I will answer your questions during the podcast. If you would like to remain anonymous, just let me know.

Send any questions or comments about manifestation like:


  • Nothing I try seems to change my circumstances

  • I’m doing all the right things but my life doesn’t get any better.

  • My dream is to own my own home but I’m barely supporting myself.

  • Or perhaps you would like to share your dream and just want to know what to do to have it come true.

Enter your podcast question below

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