Sunrise on Nature

Your manifestor type is:

The Gratitude Manifestor

What does that mean? Read on to learn more about the manifestation practice that will bring you the best results, as well as some tips for how to deepen your manifestation rituals.

For you, gratitude is the path to manifesting your deepest desires. 


When you are thankful for what you have, the Universe matches that gracious energy and provides more to be grateful for. 


Even when life gets tough and it feels you’ve been dealt a bad card, the trick is to find something you are grateful for. Even if you’re only able to list small things you appreciate. 


When you feel grateful, you allow all the doors an opportunity to be open. You invite positive outcomes to your challenges and life simply goes your way most of the time. It’s as simple as “like attracts like.” 


It can be difficult to stay positive and grateful when it seems that everyone around you is stuck in negative energy, so try enlisting a gratitude buddy or group. Surround yourself with others who also desire their big dreams to come true. Keep each other uplifted with inspiration, and share with each other what you are grateful for. 


And sometimes a walk in the sun is all you really need to be in gratitude again.

Image by Brigitte Tohm

Want to accelerate your dreams and connect more fully with your soul?

Align with your soul and manifest your desires

The Soul Notes Amplification Pack gives you the tools you need to train your mind to be aligned with your heart and soul’s desires. 

These are resources that you can use over and over again to manifest all of your desires.

The Soul Notes Amplification Pack Includes:

Listening to Music

The 8 Hour Soul Notes: Manifest While You Sleep Meditation

Sleep is a great time to align your mind and soul to be a vibrational match to your deepest desires.

Don’t let fear and worry keep you up at night. 

The 8-hour Soul Notes helps you reprogram your mind so that your personal vibration is the perfect match to what you want to create. 

Gentle music lulls you to sleep and guides your mind towards your desires.

Get Out of a Funk Anytime Audio

This easy-to-consume audio prompt is the perfect tool to keep in your pocket for those days when you can’t seem to get out of your negative space. 


Developed over years of manifestation work, this audio guides you in 3 ways to get out of your funk right now. 


This is a powerful tool that’s meant to be used whenever you need it. Use it more and need it less, as your mind starts to automatically get you out of the funk before you fall in too deep. 

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30 Days of Soul Notes Amplification Emails

These are 30 days of Soul Notes from me to you. 

Manifesting your desires is a journey, and I’m here to help you along the way. 

Instead of starting your day with dreaded meetings and logistics, this will be one email that will inspire you throughout your day. 

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Here’s how you can deepen your manifestation practice with the Soul Notes Amplification Pack:


“Because of Soul Notes I have been visualizing a beautifully landscaped backyard… I was excited and nervous realizing that my visualization is now possible… What a blessing. I’m so grateful.” 



“Thank you for your wisdom Deb, you have helped me more than you know”


Thank you so much Debra, you’re amazing. I love your sharings and the way you approach the law of attraction, totally aligned with how I approach it."


“it is with deep gratitude and appreciation that I listen each week to the Soul Notes. I hope you know how helpful it is.”