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Here is a way to eat smaller portions, not feel hungry and most importantly not feel deprived! It's NOT a diet!


Find relief from the weight loss/weight gain struggle so you no longer
"think" about food all the time!

VGB Looking for food

Allow this program to give you a sense of freedom you have never had!

Be "naturally" satisfied
with less food and stop eating when you are comfortable.

You eat what you want, just eat less because you feel full faster!

Helps reduce cravings!!

I am blown away by this program!! It has been a dream come true for me because food has always been such a huge focus and comfort.

Is this something that interests you? I'd love to have you to learn more about it!

It's called The Virtual Gastric Band which is a non-surgical technique using the power of Hypnosis to convince your brain that you are full after you eat the appropriate amount and there is no desire for excess food. And it works!!

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VGB tearing diet

This is NOT a diet. You eat what you want during meals and are satisfied with smaller portions. There is no deprivation or hunger.

Your body begins to naturally want foods that are good choices and in appropriate quantities. This might finally be a long-term solution to your weight problems!

This program is for anyone wanting to lose 20, 30, 50, 100 pounds or more!

This is a condensed - self paced program.
You listen to each session online at your convenience!

Each workshop has a different focus offered through guided relaxation or hypnosis. It is a VERY comfortable and relaxing process. AND life changing!

Following registration, there is a very brief questionnaire for you to fill out. This will help me know a little about you.

If you feel you need more help or more support, your enrollment is for 1 year! You may repeat the sessions as needed!

VGB 3 dress sizes

This program has enormously successful!

What are you waiting for?

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A Simple Path to a Miraculous Life

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On-going through Nov. 2018

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Keys to Awakening

Finally unlock the magic in your life!

30 days to reveal the life you want!

Each day for 30 days you will receive a link to a 2 - 3 minute energy process to go beneath your symptoms and unlock what is really keeping you from having what you desire!

Feel empowered, happier, confident, hopeful, more successful, finally have things go your way!

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