The Techniques

This energy work will resolve stress due to difficult relationships at work, with your parents, siblings or children. If you’re worried about losing your job, or have lost your job and that is causing you anxiety over your finances and your health, these simple energy techniques will improve your life very quickly. It also has been very effective in alleviating the pain and other side effects of many diseases including cancer and fibromyalgia, and ailments including allergies, fatigue and migraines. Many report it is effective in alleviating cancer symptoms, weight gain or loss and the effects of chemotherapy. It is widely used to restore balance from mental health concerns including depression, low productivity, lack of motivation and the devastating effects of trauma. Many have been able to eliminate emotional issues including lifelong fears and phobias through energy work. It can help resolve anger and heartbreak surrounding child abuse so that you can forgive and move on with your life. It can help with anger management and stress management so that you are better able to function in your career and within your family.


Quantum Energetic Disciplines TM

Quantum Energetic DisciplinesTM consists of very advanced energy techniques. The energy processes are done in silence and are not embarrassing or uncomfortable in any way.

All of the techniques are offered by telephone.

A brief description of some of the techniques that might be used in a session is below.


Process Methods

The Pulse Technique© or The Quick Pulse©

The Pulse Technique© is the cornerstone of Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ and is the most powerful -- quickly resolving most life issues in a very simple manner.

The Pulse Technique© has been used successfully with a wide variety of issues worldwide for over fifteen years and is very effective in working with fears, phobias, trauma and unwanted experiences.

It can also clear limiting beliefs, physical conditions, low self-esteem, negative personality traits, abundance issues and many other different life experiences. With this work, clients have increase their sales and students have raised their grades.

 Energy Field Re-Weaving

This process repairs and restores the Energy Field to perfected levels of functioning.

The purpose of repairing and re-weaving the energy field is to help restore a person to a more natural state of balance.

Afterwards, most people feel a sense of calm and inner peace. Many people notice they have more energy and feel more 'at home' in their body.


Energy Clearing and Balancing

Our chakras are simply the places in our bodies that gather energy just from the stress of everyday life. These are the areas where we hold our tension.

The purpose of chakra clearing and balancing is to put us more at ease and to help us better cope with our daily challenges.

A chakra clearing is a great stress reliever that removes stress from the body immediately and can also be beneficial to people who suffer from stress-related illnesses such as:

  • Migraines
  • Colitis
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Depression
  • Irritability
  • Palpitations
  • Ulcers
  • Rage

Clients usually feel a sense of calm that can last for days after experiencing this process. Many people choose to repeat the Chakra Clearing during stressful times.


Mother-Father Triad

This process completes the energetic bond that was intended to be received from your parents and provides the full spectrum of the qualities required for a balanced life.

Most of us have a sense that our relationship with our parents, our children and even our significant other could be better. This clearing process will strengthen and repair the energetic bond between you and your parents.

If you had a difficult childhood, imagine being able to release the pain associated with that, the pain that probably has been holding you back in some areas of your life.

Once you have experienced this technique, you will feel differently about your childhood and be free to discover who you really are inside. So many of us never received all the qualities that we were intended to have from our parents. This process helps fill in any voids we may have in the following qualities:

  • Knowing that you are absolutely loved, cherished, nurtured and safe
  • Feeling lovable
  • Feeling grounded
  • Ability to trust
  • Desire to play
  • Being lighthearted
  • Ability to manifest or make things happen in the world
  • Knowing how to make a living

Do your friends or your spouse tell you that you often over-react? After experiencing this technique, many people no longer feel controlled by family issues. When we feel balanced, we tend to attract healthier relationships and no longer react to what was missing in our lives. You can significantly improve your relationships merely by the way you react.


Entwined Energy Field Release

This Process releases the unhealthy bonds you have with another person and restores healthy functioning.

Energy Package Clearing

This process clears unwanted energies passed down through your parents and their birth lineage.

Brain Balancing

This is a process which creates balance and harmony in the brain centers. It is extremely helpful in restoring balanced brain functioning as it relates to many levels of life including physical, mental and emotional.

Information Transfer

This is a process to transfer information and functions from one portion of the brain to another.

Direct Energy

It's a deeply relaxing energy technique that can address physical, mental and emotional issues.

Read testimonials on how Quantum Energetic DisciplinesTM has improved so many lives.

Quantum Energetic DisciplinesTM founded and developed by Jo Dunning  

*Disclaimer: I am not a licensed medical doctor. The work I offer does not guarantee a cure. It is not a substitute for appropriate medical care. It is meant to compliment your current and ongoing medical or psychological treatment.





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