Success Stories

The Pulse Technique is the most powerful form of healing I have experienced...

“The Pulse Technique is the most powerful form of healing I have experienced in all my 10 years of intensive investigation. The private sessions with Deb are even more powerful. Anytime I am faced with a challenge in my life that just won't subside, a session with Deb quickly gets to the heart of the problem to allow for dramatic relief and change. Deb's warmth, patience, kindness and profound intuition create a safe space for healing, guided by astonishing wisdom. What a joy it is to know that I can always turn to Deb's sessions and her teleconferences when I need assistance. I am so grateful to Deb and to Quantum Energetic Disciplines for changing my life – from the inside out!”
– Stefania

Just three days after my session with Deb, I found an advertisement for a job that I knew was perfect for me...

“When Debra describes her work as "An hour that can change your life," she really means it! The results I've seen from Deb's work are astonishing, but what amazes me just as much about it, is how gentle the process is. The techniques Deb uses are a perfect reflection of who she is as a person. Although we've not met, I feel like I know Debra because of her kind nature and her "easy to relate to" approach. It was through Deb's honesty about how her life was transformed by this work that I believed the same thing could happen for me. And it has --just three days after my session with Deb, I found an advertisement for a job that I knew was perfect for me. I revised my resume immediately and sent it off. After half an hour, I got an email back saying a candidate just cancelled their interview and they wondered if I would be available for a telephone interview in an hour. Needless to say, I got the job and I was overjoyed! (It had been 4 years since I was last employed!) Thank you, Deb, for changing my life in so many ways!”
– Casey

It has effectively resolved 20+ issues including chronic illness...

“This simple energy process is absolutely miraculous for supporting/relieving mental, emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, interpersonal and other challenges. For me, it has effectively resolved 20+ issues including chronic illness, pinched nerves and barking dogs!
– Hannah

I never knew this type of happiness existed

Met Debra In May of 2008. She has exposed me to new areas that have totally changed my personal and business life beyond my wildest dreams I never knew this type of happiness existed. Thank you for all you do!! What a blessing you are.
- Mike

Within 3 months, my depression lifted

“Since I began working with Debra Cummings, my life has changed in major ways. When I began working with her, I was struggling with a 4-year depression, having difficulty in my career, separated from most of my family, and not happy with my life in general. Shortly after my first session with her, a work conflict was totally resolved in my favor. Within 3 months, my depression lifted. A year and a half later, I reconciled with my parents after a 10-year absence and rebuilt a new relationship as an adult child/parent. I also rebuilt new relationships with my three sisters. Thanks to my work with Deb, I am becoming a gracious human being. I find myself being kinder, more patient, easier going, wiser, stronger, more assertive, and just easier to be around.”
– Beth

Just 3 months after you agreed to assist him with energy work, he was cancer free!

“Dear Debra, you have brought great and usually immediate changes to my life. I am ever grateful for everything that has changed since starting to work with you -- and always for the better. I also give you credit for my friend Wally, who asked for your assistance (through me) when he was struggling with cancer of the throat and tongue. Just 3 months after you agreed to assist him with energy work, he was cancer free! Thank you forever, Debra! Please use any or all of this as it comes from my heart.”
– Rosa

I am seeing the real her interact with me

“The healing session does work. My sister is medicated for over ten years for manic depression and schizophrenia. For the first time, I am seeing the real her interact with me in a normal healthy conversation. Another amazing thing is – my door bell, which was broken for over 6 months, started to work right after my first session ended. Thank you Debra for making a difference in my life.”
– Soumoy

My money situation is better.

“How this work has helped me: It has been gradual subtle changes. My money situation is better. I am not afraid to balance my check book, pay my bills on time, am saving money, don’t have much credit debt, am able to share my abundance, am even going on a cruise to Alaska this summer -- a dream I have had for a long time. I am starting to take care of myself in a lot of ways. I am eating healthier, but not denying treats, and I am losing weight. I have been more consistent with exercising. I dress better, am not sloppy with myself like I used to be. I am more organized and neat. I remember things like getting an oil change for my car. I have more moments of relaxation and ease with myself being in a partnership.
All this has happened over the last 4 years, in a gentle, subtle, gradual way. Thank you.”
– Dee

Thank you so much for this opportunity to spend time with you.

During the teleconference my asthma is calmer and my breathing is better. Blessings to you and those you love.
– Linda

I have in each day, moments of great peace, the belief in good outcomes...

“My life has gone from one that allowed way too much energy to be siphoned off by worry, fear, fretting, pessimism and generalized occasional gloom -- to its opposite. Today, I have in each day, moments of great peace, the belief in good outcomes, a greatly enhanced ability to let life be life, a heart that expands almost minute by minute and the understanding that I can re-interpret events from my past and find in them the blessings that I missed the first time around. My sense of love and connectedness with all of life astonishes me. For a life-long depressive to have found days with so much peace and happiness is a miracle. Possibly the greatest transformation I've received from your work is a sense of self-acceptance that I had never known. Love and blessings.”
– Marylinn

It was easy to let go of the habit

Thank you so much. I used the technique to quit smoking and it was easy to let go of the habit. This is amazing! I am ever so grateful for this help! Blessings!
- Angel

Your Pulse Got me thru

Today with Husband and Taxes and the accountant :) Whew!!!!! I Thank God for you and your Gift !!
- Dottie

Dear Deb, From the bottom of my heart, thank you for last night's incredible energy call.

The calls are always cleansing and leave me in a peaceful state, but it was a special treat to have the other techniques you used -- the rolodex, energy field reweaving, and so on.
- Mauryne

I was on the teleconference yesterday (for me, 2am!!!) 

Just want to let you know that even though I did not feel any energy coming in, today I had a totally unexpected visit from a friend with a financial proposition that looks extremely promising and will bring in quite a bit of finances over the next 3 months - and an outlook for the future if these first few months are as good as expected. I wasn't even looking for anything! This is incredible.
Thank you, and many blessings,
- Jania

NEVER have I had anything change so fast and wonderfully

“Hi Deb, I just wanted to tell you about something that happened after the teleconference: My husband and I separated last March and as the months have passed, it felt as if we were growing more and more apart. I finally just simply quit hoping for any kind of reconciliation and was wondering if we would end up in a way that we could even be civil to one another.

I attended the teleconference and one of the things on my list was regarding my relationship with my husband. Less than 24 hours after the teleconference, my husband was here in my home and we were talking honestly, openly and lovingly for the first time in 11 months. We spent several hours together just enjoying one another's company and having FUN, laughing at old memories and finding fun in just about any conversation we had.

There was love, emotional intimacy and he even admitted that he still loved me. We ended the evening with an agreement to start out by getting to know one another again and working on getting our best friends back (we had been best friends for 10 years and when we separated, we became strangers.) NEVER have I had anything change so fast and wonderfully in all of my own work. Please put me on the mailing list for any announcements of teleconferences, workshops, etc. I can't wait to see the other changes that this amazing work will bring forth in my life.”
– Bel

After the most recent teleconference...

I noticed that an underlying anxiety that has been present in my life has lifted and I have been feeling joyful for no reason at all!!!
I am so grateful.
- Serenity

I have lost 40 pounds!

“Thank you for all that you do to bring this to the world. I can’t express my gratitude for you enough. The transformation in me in only one year is incredible. I listened to your call for the first time a year ago on or around April 1, 2006. In the last year I have lost 40 pounds (174 pounds size 12/14 to 134 pounds size 4/6). I eat an amazingly healthy raw food diet (from eating a junk food diet 24/7). I have moved back to Georgia where my friends and family are.

I am in the process of completing the bar exam to be licensed to practice law in Georgia (I graduated from law school 10 years ago but was too anxious to study for the bar -- I went into sales instead.)

I have had a boyfriend for 6 months (previously I had a hard time even dating because I was too anxious and fearful,). And the transformation of my feelings on the inside is what I am most grateful for -- I went from feeling mostly fear, anxiety, anger and panic, to feeling a lot more happiness, peace and joy.

I am able to focus 10-14 hours a day to study now (I used to not be able to stay on one project for very long at all without having to go to another one and then another one.) I still experience fear and anxiety sometimes, but much less often and much less intensely when I do experience it.

This work is really amazing, in that sometimes I tend to tell myself that I really don’t notice a difference or a transformation and then I write down only some of the changes and oh my -- has my life changed drastically!!!

Thank you again for all that you do to bring this work to the world. I went from living what I call “hell on earth” to experiencing this world in a much more joyous way. I really look forward to the next year and the next year after that when I transform enough to get out of myself and into service.

I don’t know why I was motivated to write a book-long testimonial about how your work has changed my life. Maybe just to remind me of the changes to allow me to spend more time in gratitude. Thanks for listening.” :-)
– Mari


Thank you for your help!

This technique has done miracles in my Life, is doing Miracles every time I use it (your video on youtube) and I want to express my Gratitude to you for your work and dedication.
God bless you!
- Joelle


I bought your Inner Success package yesterday and downloaded the MP3 files!

I thought about the contest and used the word “lucky” for a rolodex word yesterday.
I let it go and forgot about it.This evening I got an email stating I won the contest! Yippee! Thanks for the Rolodex to Jo Dunning and you for making it possible for all of us to use it. I can’t wait to get the CD version of the downloads soon in the mail!
Just wanted to send a thank-you!
Most fortunate blessings,
- Carolyn

What I have noticed most, is how much calmer and more at peace I am inside. 

My reaction to the world and the events that occur ( and have occured) in my life is so different (in a good way!) And I am really starting to see wonderful, happy changes in my external life now, too. I feel so lucky and blessed to have found you. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for everything.


Debra has made such a positive difference in my life with her work...highly reccommend!!

- Cheyenne


Debra is a loving individual with a passion for the healing energies that she shares with so many. It is a gift to know her.

- Kimi



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