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Imagine living your life exactly
the way you want to.

Imagine feeling abundant the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment your head hits the pillow at night.

Dear Seeker and Friend,

Feel yourself in your most optimal energy and peak state…YOU DESERVE THIS! You deserve to be living your best life. NOW imagine having the tools to develop this kind of life at your fingertips.

You can receive these Tools for Transformation, easily and effortlessly, through this brand new audio compilation I’ve put together. It is my intention to have you experience the beautiful and whole being you already are by peeling back the layers of doubt, pain, fear and dullness through this amazing energy that has transformed my own life in unimaginable ways!

Inner Success 3D CD Set


The most powerful form of healing I have experienced...
“The Pulse Technique is the most powerful form of healing I have experienced in all my 10 years of intensive investigation. Anytime I am faced with a challenge in my life that just won't subside, the energy work quickly gets to the heart of the problem to allow for dramatic relief and change. Deb's warmth, patience, kindness and profound intuition create a safe space for healing, guided by astonishing wisdom. What a joy it is to know that I can always turn to Deb's sessions and her teleconferences when I need assistance. I am so grateful to Deb and to Quantum Energetic Disciplines for changing my life – from the inside out!”
– Stefania

You see…I began to study Quantum Energetic Disciplines™ under Jo Dunning. I became a certified energy practitioner & now coach others in these techniques and continue to study under Jo Dunning.

My life was very difficult when I first began using these techniques. I grew up under circumstances no child should have to experience. As a victim of incest, I never felt safe and I lived with child abuse in the home.

As a result, I went through years and years of therapy and had to take sleeping pills every night because I couldn’t go to sleep. I had to set a timer three times every day to remind me to take my anti-anxiety medication, just to survive. I struggled and years of numerous medications and therapy kept me alive. I lived in fear of any interaction with people, even answering the phone and having to speak frightened me. I experienced panic attacks every time the phone rang. I lived in fear with phobias to the point where I couldn’t even leave the house!

I lived that way for years.
I felt unable to love or be loved.

I had low self-esteem, no confidence and no relationship skills. My life was so hard. It was so hard to be me. I had difficulties with ailments, including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) that was not properly diagnosed until I was an adult. Every moment was filled with fear and anxiety. I didn’t even know I had the right to say “no” to anything. I was treated for depression for many years. I felt completely powerless and out of control in my life.

It was easy to let go of the habit
Thank you so much. I used the technique to quit smoking and it was easy to let go of the habit. This is amazing! I am ever so grateful for this help! Blessings!
- Angel


Then after experiencing this energy clearing, my life began to change. I felt happy. I found that when you peel away the layers of unwanted experiences in your life, you have this amazing person underneath. My life continued to rapidly change. I even started to notice that I was procrastinating less. I became an effective and healthy partner to my husband and parent to my children. It was simply amazing. And today this happiness and bliss continue to permeate my life.

Life started to change. I was happier, I slept better, and my relationship with my family became even better.
Everything was changing.

My money situation is better.
“How this work has helped me: It has been gradual subtle changes. My money situation is better. I am not afraid to balance my check book, pay my bills on time, am saving money, don’t have much credit debt, am able to share my abundance, am even going on a cruise to Alaska this summer -- a dream I have had for a long time. I am starting to take care of myself in a lot of ways. I am eating healthier, but not denying treats, and I am losing weight. I have been more consistent with exercising. I dress better, am not sloppy with myself like I used to be. I am more organized and neat. I remember things like getting an oil change for my car. I have more moments of relaxation and ease with myself being in a partnership.
All this has happened over the last 4 years, in a gentle, subtle, gradual way. Thank you.”
– Dee



Picture your life changing in unimaginable ways, you too can feel more alive, happier, productive, successful and FULL!

I know this CD set will be one that you keep close at hand for years to come as one of those essential pieces in your life that has moved and changed you, that has leaped you forward into the fullest life you can imagine. To reach into the divine being that you already are.

CAN YOU FEEL IT? It is you!


The Inner Success is within you...

Take this feeling to new heights by honoring yourself with the gift of these tools.
This is truly an abundantly energizing audio set...

Similar to my live teleconferences, this audio set will offer you deep healing, honoring and transformation. See yourself move into the best version of you, that now lives the life you know deep down you deserve.

The Audios include…


CD 1: HOW TO MAXIMIZE THIS CD SERIES so you can get the most out of it. This is an introductory CD explaining the techniques and how you will benefit from them.



CD2: THE QUICK PULSE TECHNIQUE is a new way to help change things you would like to have different in your life. This is the most important and most versatile technique available! If you only listen to one CD, this is the one you will want to use!! It's ideal for any situation, difficult experience, upset, lack of finances, physical issues etc. This technique really helps stop the struggle!



CD3: ROLODEX clears a variety of items related to a general topic. Use when there are general catagories in life that need improvement: relationships, abundance, motivation, inspiration, purpose, career, overwhelm, success etc.



CD 4: PRIMARY TRIAD completes the energetic bond that was intended to be received from your parents and provides the full spectrum of the qualities required for a balanced life. Everyone should experience this process at least once!



CD 5: ENTWINED ENERGY FIELD RELEASE releases the unhealthy bonds you have with another person and restores healthy functioning. Great for difficult relationships!



CD6: BONUS CD! ENERGY CLEARING & BALANCING uses a very powerful energy to clear, balance and repair each of the energy centers in your body. An instant stress reliever and so much more!


Are you ready to live the life
you deserve through the use of these POWERFUL Tools of Transformation?

Not only will you get the hard copy in the mail
of this wonderful product but you will also receive instant MP3 downloads
so you can get started right away!!!

Stop your frustration, stop your longing, stop seeing your destiny as anywhere but right here with you, you can be living and breathing NOW in that ideal and energized space. You can start living that life today by simply clicking purchase button below.

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I have in each day, moments of great peace,
the belief in good outcomes...

“My life has gone from one that allowed way too much energy to be siphoned off by worry, fear, fretting, pessimism and generalized occasional gloom -- to its opposite. Today, I have in each day, moments of great peace, the belief in good outcomes, a greatly enhanced ability to let life be life, a heart that expands almost minute by minute and the understanding that I can re-interpret events from my past and find in them the blessings that I missed the first time around. My sense of love and connectedness with all of life astonishes me. For a life-long depressive to have found days with so much peace and happiness is a miracle. Possibly the greatest transformation I've received from your work is a sense of self-acceptance that I had never known. Love and blessings.”
– Marylinn

I wish you the greatest happiness and abundance!

With all my heart,

Deb Signature

Debra Cummings
Advanced Energy Practicioner 

I know everything is already within me...
"I've been using Deb Cumming's Inner Success series for several weeks, often taking it to bed with me and working with it first thing in the morning for an hour a day. It's so much fun to see the instant results. From immediate pain elimination to disappearing negative feelings and triggers, I've watched so much improve in just a few weeks of use. I've even received a youthful facelift! I know everything is already within me. And Deb's powerful work helps me release lifetime blocks and barriers that have prevented my having it all. I'm especially delighted by her roll-a-dex exercise to release imbedded and unknown limitations. I love her simple instructions, easy focus, and the beautiful warmth of Deb's voice. I look forward to using these powerful recordings to create and have even more."
– Deborah


Within 3 months, my depression lifted
“Since I began working with Debra Cummings, my life has changed in major ways. When I began working with her, I was struggling with a 4-year depression, having difficulty in my career, separated from most of my family, and not happy with my life in general. Shortly after my first session with her, a work conflict was totally resolved in my favor. Within 3 months, my depression lifted. A year and a half later, I reconciled with my parents after a 10-year absence and rebuilt a new relationship as an adult child/parent. I also rebuilt new relationships with my three sisters. Thanks to my work with Deb, I am becoming a gracious human being. I find myself being kinder, more patient, easier going, wiser, stronger, more assertive, and just easier to be around.”
– Beth


Just 3 months after you agreed to assist him with energy work,
he was cancer free!

“Dear Debra, you have brought great and usually immediate changes to my life. I am ever grateful for everything that has changed since starting to work with you -- and always for the better. I also give you credit for my friend Wally, who asked for your assistance (through me) when he was struggling with cancer of the throat and tongue. Just 3 months after you agreed to assist him with energy work, he was cancer free! Thank you forever, Debra! Please use any or all of this as it comes from my heart.”
– Rosa

Quantum Energetic Disciplines(TM) techniques founded and developed by Jo Dunning.

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Advanced Energy Practitioner

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